PEP Civil and Structures Ltd

“Stress is a big problem in our field, particularly with senior managers. The programme was informative and engaging with effective strategies and practical solutions. Feedback has been exceptional and I am confident the team will benefit going forwards. Highly recommended” Brian Brooks – Director, PEP Civil and Structures Ltd


Active Training World

“As a busy director of a sports event company I know how important it is to be active and  to maintain a level of fitness for myself. The demands of running a company, coupled with a sporting injury have meant that my own health and fitness had been neglected for some time. I needed to get back on track with my training, with the aim of reaching a level of fitness to return to racing. Sessions with Claire are varied and challenging, helping me to get the most out of the limited time that I have available to invest in myself. Claire is flexible in her approach to training and continually challenges me with new exercises for strength and conditioning to support the higher intensity exercise. I have seen a vast improvement in my fitness levels and flexibility over a number of regular sessions, and I am making good progress to getting ‘race fit’ for the New Year” James Shipley – Director, Active Training World


Mine Tech Services

“Claire has an amazing ability to help guide people towards making healthy improvements to their lives. As a founder of a small startup, often spending weeks at a time on the road, I had somewhat failed to notice the day-to-day toll this puts on the mind and body! During an initial session, Claire was able to draw out of me just how stressed I was; and then laid out a path to how this could change. Additionally and to my astonishment, Claire managed to get me to try a breathing exercise without my brain wandering to the day’s agenda. Within a few weeks of working with Claire, I was less stressed, able to concentrate better and importantly I felt much more relaxed. Claire’s method of mixing cardio, yoga and breathing exercises were tremendously effective!” Joe Atkinson – Founder and Director, Mine Tech Services


Personal Training – Katie

“I initially started seeing Claire for help with training for my first marathon. The sessions included intervals, sprints, hills and strength training. Her additional advice on nutrition and race prep really made me confident I could do it.  She even came to watch me on race day to shout some support!  I enjoyed the training so much that I carried on after the marathon.  We now do a mixture of cardio and strength training and the sessions are always so varied. Each is varied in terms of exercises, routines and equipment used, which means I never get bored of doing the same things and they are always challenging. Claire knows when I’m slacking and will encourage me to increase the intensity or add an extra set to keep me on track! Training with Claire has made me fitter and leaner than I have ever been and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her” Katie


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