Corporate Wellbeing

We work in partnership with clients to understand you and your business.

Our bespoke programmes are designed and delivered to meet the needs of your business and your people, achieving positive results that are sustainable. Wellness programmes are linked to greater productivity, less absenteeism, and a reduction of long-term health care costs. Employees who feel valued and rewarded work better and with more energy. You will notice:

  • Fewer staff sick days and lower health care costs
  • Improved morale, greater self-esteem and lower stress levels
  • Greater concentration and work focus
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Greater staff retention

Companies of any size can make an affordable investment in the health of their employees. We can provide a bespoke programme to suit the needs and goals of your business, creating a healthier working environment and culture.

Personalised programmes can support your staff with their own goals, through individual training plans or group exercise, whatever their level of fitness.


Your Bespoke Service

Our programmes and services are designed to meet your needs and can include:

Workplace Wellbeing Audit

A comprehensive review of your workplace and business practices, that identifies risk factors and provides practical solutions to support and engage staff.

Workshops and Activities

One off sessions that engage your employees in physical activity or informative sessions on Nutrition or Mental Health Awareness & Stress Management.

Wellbeing Programme

A comprehensive programme of activities to provide a holistic approach that will support positive behaviour change. The programme may be delivered through regular interventions over a period of 3 to 12 months.

Sessions are delivered at a frequency, time and place that works effectively for your people and your business with resources that support individuals to achieve personal wellbeing goals.