At CK Fitness and Wellbeing we are passionate about helping individuals and businesses to achieve more and realise their potential.

Having spent many years working across the corporate, voluntary and public sectors in some highly pressured work environments, I have seen the impact that work stress has on individuals and businesses. Sport, health and fitness has always been a big part of my life, and I have seen the benefits personally from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As an acomplished athlete, I have completed marathons in championship times and participate in a variety of events from half marathon, duathlon and triathlon. Getting the right balance with high intensity exercise is key to preventing injury and promoting general wellbeing and helping us to be more resilient to life’s challenges.

Our programmes focus on 3 key areas Body, Food and Mind – for successful, sustainable behaviour change. It is all about variety and getting the right balance for the individual to keep people interested, motivated and challenged.

We thrive on helping others to get the most out of life through a holistic approach to wellbeing. To ensure quality of our programmes, we hold the following training qualifications:
Personal Training and Triathlon Coach with Nutrition for weight management.
Health and Wellbeing Coaching and Cognitive Behaviour Change
Primary Certificate in Occupational Stress Management
Emotional Intelligence and Resilience Coaching

Our delivery experts are approved by the respective regulatory bodies in their field, such as The Register of Exercise Professionals, British Association for Applied Nutrition and the British Psychological Society. We also maintain membership with the International Society for Coaching Psychology, International Stress Management Association (ISMA) and mental health charity MIND.


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