CK Fitness are passionate about health and wellbeing, helping individuals and groups to achieve more through positive lifestyle changes for energy, vitality and performance.

Founder, Claire Kremer has worked in the health and wellbeing industry for over 15 years. Qualified in Fitness Instruction, Nutrition and Wellbeing Coaching, she knows what is required to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Claire has coached individuals and groups to achieve personal health and fitness goals that include weight management, training for marathons and triathlon events. As an accomplished athlete and all-round sports enthusiast herself, Claire runs competitively and has completed several marathons in Championship qualifying times, so she understands the discipline and determination required to reach peak performance and achieve that personal best!

Her work has developed in the fields of psychology, mental health awareness, stress management and performance coaching, bringing together the 3 core elements of her work – BODY, FOOD, MIND. This holistic approach is essential in identifying and addressing issues that may be holding people back, helping them to take control of their own wellbeing and achieve greater resilience to get the most out of life personally and professionally.

Of course there are times when life events or circumstances will affect us – we are all human, but if we get ourselves in good shape physically and mentally we will be better equipped to cope with challenges that present themselves and may even overcome or prevent some serious health conditions that affect so many as we get older.

For more information contact Claire Kremer on 07946 042078 or email info@ckfitnessandwellbeing.co.uk